Community Projects

Conservation Training Courses

Projects in the Game Reserve

Patrolling of the 150Km Self Drive Route – This is essential to keep guest and animals safe. Patrolling of 200km perimeter fence – vital to avoid fences being cut or damaged

Animal sighting and visitor control – this stops animals such as cheetahs and lions being harrassed or having guest alight from their vehicles during sightings.

Conservation Training – Courses are offered to the public run by well qualified speakers.

Snare Removal – Snares are part of a huge poaching problem in the reserve and cause for an excruciating slow death for animals.

Assistance at Gates during peak weekends

Children Conservation Training – these are often vulnerable children who value this day out in the bush and is a key area.

Community Projects which are essential to the well-being of our neighbors who are essential stakeholders in the future of the reserve

Essential Maintenance – Repairing of roads, bridge crossings, bird hides, route markers and cleanup of picnic sites

Upcoming Courses

Snakes, Scorpions and Spiders


Advanced Rifle Handling Preparation for FGASAGuides


Bush Survival & Interpretation

8 October 2022

From 12:00-14:00


   22 Oct 2022

From 07:30


Grass Identification


Bird Identification


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